MC² homepage

The individualized Program “Modeling, Cognition and Control” (MC2) is a specialization in Computer Science studies at the Institute of Computer Science, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. MC2 is the specialization at both the undergraduate level (Bachelor degree, three years of study) and the second level (Master of science degree, two years of study).

MC2 is designed for students who want to meet a foretaste of research in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics and related areas, not covered by existing graduate programs, or in areas that combine traditional disciplines. Central to this multidisciplinary Program is the integration of knowledge from Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Control, Engineering, Information Technologies, and Cognitive Science. It provides training in a variety of topics and an in-depth understanding of Computer Science. The Program aims to give students a broad conceptual and methodological preparation.

The MC2 Program is flexible and can be easily tailored to your capabilities. Teaching is providing by members of the Institute of Computer Science, which guarantees a high level of classes and a friendly atmosphere. If you recognize the opportunity to diversify your classes on topics that you are interested in or the topics that are not included in the program, report it to supervisor. Certainly the MC2 Program will inspire you to search for new tools, methods and information technologies that will be very beneficial for continuation of your studies in PhD programs. Staff of the Institute of Computer Science offers the possibility of preparation of MSc theses and doctoral dissertations in a wide range of topics.

Prospective employers will be pleased having you as a person with a good knowledge interactions between Computer Science and other fields. Our students acquire creative problem solving skills and logical thinking abilities that employers value highly.

Everyone is welcome.